Support to Young Entrepreneurs with Disability

Get Involved in Entrepreneurship Development Program for Physically Handicapped People

Welcome to Antarnaad and Ahmedabad's Differently Abled Group ( ADAG ). We have got a wide range of fundraising events to suit all abilities and pockets! There are a number of ways for you to support our work. Looking for a new challenge but don't know where to start? We are here to help! browse these pages and a range of hiking events throughout the year.


Volunteers help us improve the lives of disabled people in a variety of ways. We are supported by volunteers of every age and background.

Corporate Partnerships:

here are many ways in which you can support the work we do whilst also meeting your business objectives. We work with a wide range of corporations, from small and medium enterprises to major blue-chip companies.

How we can work with you?

We are always looking for companies who share our vision and values to support our life-changing projects. We have projects all over the Ahmedabad and Gujarat and we specialise in education, employment and campaigning.

Provide Employment to Entrepreneur with Disability

You can refer businesses to attract and retain more young disabled graduates. You can provide support disabled entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business. We offer disability equality training that empowers your organisation to become a disability confident business and we enable more disabled people to access employment.

Cause-related Marketing (CRM)

Raising money for ADAG can tie in with some great marketing opportunities for your brand.


Your Sponsorship will raise the profile of your business as well as supporting disabled people.

Benefits to your Organisation

We take an integrated, partnership focused approach to deliver results that exceed everyone's expectations. We have the passion and expertise to deliver innovative, creative and successful partnerships.

By working with Antarnaad you can:

  • Take advantage of our volunteering opportunities.
  • Increase your corporate reach to disabled consumers.
  • Achieve you corporate responsibility goals.
  • Maximise brand affinity and build brand equity.
  • Align yourself with the Ahmedabad's largest disability charity.
  • Actively address representation of disabled people in your workplace.
  • Bring disability strategies to life through training, talks and events.
  • Help us to improve the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Understand more about issues disabled people face.

Become sponsors and essentially “Sponsor” an individual differently abled entrepreneur.

Let's Get In Touch

Getting Involved in the Mission

We are speaking with people from NGOs, Individuals, Schools, Colleges, Groups, Corporate on helping our platform.

NGOs and Government Organizations

Being flag bearers for the mission for various parts of the city.

Corporate and Business Individuals

Like any good deed, this mission also requires capital flow. You can connect and provide us with sponsorships. This shall also be a part of the (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility Spending which is mandatory as per the new business laws.

Ready to start your project with us? That's great!

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